Season 2


Collection of 555 NFTs

Happy Monkeys

Collection of 555 NFTs

Banana Island P2E Game

HappyMonkeys season 2 is consist of a collection of 555 randomly generated unique cute and funny monkeys NFT and 555 randomly generated unique mutant banana Munana NFT that They earn $BRUSH token for passive income as well as being used for P2E game playing.

Banana Island Rescue Story

An asteroid approaching the Monkey World from space is about to disturb all the peace, the Happy Monkeys were having fun on the banana island without knowing this fact, they were continuing their happiness with peace and love, unfortunately the asteroid falls on the Banana Island in the huge Monkey World and creates a crater.

The asteroid brings radiation from space, first starting to poison the bananas around the crater. Bananas mutate, gaining the ability to move, become smarter, and turn into Munana. They're starting to spread across the island.

The monkeys that survived the asteroid began to hide and starve, afraid of the Munanas, and began to look for the bananas that did not mutate. After a while, healthy bananas become unavailable on the banana island.

Happy Monkeys start hunting and eating Munana from hunger. Happy Monkeys eating Munana are starting to turn into Mutant Monkeys.

But the Munanas are starting to strategize and get smarter.

Now Munanas are starting to hunt Happy Monkeys and they are turning them into Mutant Monkeys and earn $BRUSH token.

Banana island is no longer a happy and peaceful place.

With the Happy Monkeys in danger, some Happy Monkeys find the $BRUSH token and train themselves to become Alpha Monkeys.

Alpha Monkeys break into pieces and kill Munanas, then transform them into edible bananas, happy monkeys are now less hungry. As Alpha Monkeys hunt Munana, they earn $BRUSH tokens.

Alpha Monkeys also learn to heal hunted Munanas and Mutant Monkeys.

Alpha Monkeys turn more Happy Monkeys into Alpha Monkeys and they hunt more Munanas and get more $BRUSH tokens.



When the $BRUSH token is launched, our NFT holders will start receiving 10 tokens daily. With this token, you can trade NFTs, mint NFTs, and swap for market value.

There is not staking. it is enough that you store them on your wallet and get your daily $BRUSH. If someone get $BRUSH and then list on market and sell, new owner could not be able to get $BRUSH for same day. Anyone can check and control that which NFTs received the $BRUSH daily from the site, then get it. It should be noted that if you have more than one NFT in your wallet, you will be able to receive $BRUSHes of all of them at the same time.

Road Map

Stage 1

The creation of 555 unique HappyMonkeys and 555 unique Munana Season 2 NFTs, putting all their efforts into the creation of MonkeyVerse.

Stage 2

Launching 1110 NFT on Solana Blockchain for Season 2. Listed in all major markets after all 1110 NFTs are sold out. 55 NFTs will be minted with $BRUSH from each collection, total 110 NFTs will be minted with $BRUSH.

Stage 3

After Mint, 1110 NFTs (all season 2) will start receiving $BRUSH tokens.

Stage 4

We will focus on the MonkeyVerse Banana Island game and launch it as soon as possible. All 1443 NFTs will earn $BRUSH tokens in-game.

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